Hari Hari Halloumi Curry

Quick & Easy Halloumi Curry that will have you back for more.

Halloumi in a curry?

Halloumi is a totally un-Sri Lankan food product!! Originating in Cyprus and made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep milk (and sometimes cow’s milk), Halloumi can be found everywhere in the UK.  In fact according to Waitrose Supermarket in 2016, “The UK tops the list of foreign countries where Cypriot halloumi cheese is being consumed the most”. 

If you have come across Hari Hari before now, then you will know that I curry pretty much everything I get my hands on, so a dry fried halloumi curry is not something that unusual really for our household : )

The term curry is loosely applied here and is based entirely on the fact that curry spices were used to make this rather moorish dish.

 Time to Prepare -

Makes approximately 4 small servings.

Preparation Time – 5 minutes
Cooking Time – 5 – 7 minutes

Ingredients -

2-3 tbs oil
1 225g pack of Halloumi cheese
1/2 tsp mustard seeds (optional)
5-8 curry leaves (fresh or dried)
1 level tsp turmeric powder
1 level tsp unroasted curry powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
Salt to taste

Alternatively, if you have a packet of Hari Hari Dhal Curry spices, you can use it to make this highly addictive dish.

Time to Cook Dry Fried Halloumi Curry

1. Open and drain your halloumi before cutting in to small bite sized cubes.

Hari Hari Halloumi Curry

2. In a frying pan, heat up the oil and once hot, add the mustard seeds (optional), curry leaves and stir. Or if using a dhal kit add spice pack 1 minus the cinnamon stick.

3. Once the mustard seeds start popping (or if not using them, once the curry leaves begin to fry), add the cubed halloumi.  Then add all the spices (or 1-2 tsp of spice pack 2 from the dhal kit) and stir regularly to ensure the cheese does not burn.

Hari Hari Halloumi Curry

4. Once the cheese takes on the golden brown colour and the fluids have all evaporated, try a piece (be careful it will be hot).  Add salt according to taste.

Hari Hari Halloumi Curry

5. Then serve and eat!! This is a dish best enjoyed straight from the pan.

Optional but Super Tasty

You could add some finely sliced onion and crushed garlic to the mustard seeds and curry leaves.  Allow these to turn glassy before you add the subsequent ingredients.

Adding chilli (fresh, dried, or pieces) is also a tasty option but that will depend on how fiery you would like this to be.  If you used the Hari Hari dhal spice kit, then you have the chilli pack that you can use to add a little kick.

A great little dish to add to your nibbles selection or a perfect accompaniment to any curry dinner.  You might want to double up on quantities however if you are making this as a side dish.

I’d love to hear how you got on with making yours!!


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