Hari Hari Curry Hummus

Curry Hummus

We love Curry. We love Hummus.

I am sat at my dining room table, music playing in the background (some random radio station) and whilst typing one handed, am demolishing the Curry hummus I made earlier.  This is my sixth batch! I’ve had it with rice cakes, sweet chilli flavour baked crisps, crackers, toast, in a sandwich and as a dressing on salad. Right now, plain crisps are doing it for me!!

The kids and I love hummus and I probably spend a small fortune buying the shop bought stuff.  So, I decided that it was time to try and make my own.  With a bit of the wonderful olive oil from Fine Oils and Ingredients (who sadly closed up shop) left and a tin of chickpeas which have been sitting in the back of my cupboard for a little too long, it was going to be a tasty experiment.

Chickpea Curry Hummus

Fusion Hummus

Like most of you, I’ve bought the plain hummus, the coriander flavoured one, the red pepper one, the garlic one….but I have yet to come across a curry hummus. Enter Hari Hari Sri Lankan curry spices : )

You will find a raft of recipes online and having tinkered with a number of them, one fact that is apparent, is that depending on where you buy your chickpeas from, the consistency of the paste will vary. In this recipe I used www.waitrose.com Essential Chickpeas as I found they had a thicker consistency.  I also used a tin from www.lidl.co.uk which tasted just as good but required only a third of the water.  So a word of caution, add the water slowly depending on your desired consistency.  If you prefer, you do not need to add any water at all.

Time to prepare for Curry Hummus

Makes approx 500gms
Preparation Time – approx 5-10 minutes
Eating Time – seconds!

Ingredients -

400g tin of Chickpeas (drain and rinse)
8-10 tbs Olive Oil (the oil from Fine Oils and Ingredients has a delicious fresh nutty flavour that perfectly complements this dish) this depends on your desired consistency of the hummus
1 tbs tahini
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp roasted curry powder (plain curry powder will be just as tasty)
1 big handful of chopped parsley
2-3 large crushed garlic cloves
1 tsp lemon juice
3-5 tbs water (depending on desired consistency of your hummus)
Salt to taste

Time to get Preparing -

This is the easy bit!
Add all the ingredients in to a food processor and blend.  I like my hummus a little coarser so only blended it till I saw that all the ingredients had mixed in but if you prefer a smoother consistency blend for a few minutes longer.

Sri Lankan Curry Hummus by Hari Hari

Once you have reached your desired consistency, pour out of the blender and store in a glass jar or dish.  I use cellophane to cover my dish to prevent the air from drying it out.  However to date, a batch has only lasted one day in this house ; )

Optional but Super Tasty -

Instead of parsley, you could add a couple of handfuls of fresh coriander leaves or basil leaves.  I also made one batch with fresh dill which was just as yummy!

If you haven’t got roasted curry powder, you could also try cumin powder or coriander powder for a taste variation.

Add a pinch of chilli powder if you like your hummus with a bit of a kick.

Hari Hari Sri Lankan Curry Hummus

 With Christmas around the corner, why not add this dish to your starter course and see it

disappear in seconds!

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