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Hopper Pan


NB. These hopper pans will not work on an induction hob.  Because the pans are bowl shaped they will not remain upright on this flat cooking surface and so will not be effective in producing the bowl shape that is synonymous with the hopper.


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Product Description

The Hopper Pan enables you to make the infamous bowl shaped rice flour pancake, known as  hoppers or Appam.

An integral part of the SriLankan menu (though originally from India), the recipe can be notoriously difficult to get right and is made using rice batter and coconut milk.  Being gluten and dairy free, these are served as an alternative to rice with curry.  Also served as a pudding,  the milk hopper, which is a sweetened version is fairly common.  However you can also serve them with kitul syrup, treacle, chocolate spread, fresh fruit and more.

Having the right Hooper Pan is the starting point to making good hoppers.  These hopper pans are non stick and making hoppers in them is relatively easy once you have got the right motion (you can see a short video at www.facebook.com/hariharicurry).

Included in the Hopper Pan pack is a wooden ladle and a 100g sample pack of Hari Hari Hopper Mix, to get you started.

If you don’t fancy trying to make your own hopper batter and want to purchase more of the Hari Hari Mix, you can buy 500g bags at http://www.harihari.co.uk/product/hopper-mix/ 

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