Sri Lankan Courgette Curry
Hari Hari SriLankan Courgette Curry Pack/KitHari Hari SriLankan Courgette Curry Pack/Kit

Courgette Curry Spice Pack


Yes, courgettes can be curried and they taste amazing!  Carefully crafted, this is a fresh and wholesome dish with mildly infused Sri Lankan spices makes this a curry to be savoured.

Serves 2 – 4 people depending on portion size.

Product Description

Courgette Curry Pack

Bits to Buy -
2 large courgette
1 medium tomato
200ml Coconut Milk
2-3 Garlic Cloves

From the Cupboard -
1tbsp Vegetable/Sunflower Oil

Optional but Super Tasty -
1/2 tsp Ginger
1-2 fresh red chillies

Spice Pack 1 – Mustard, Curry Leaves, Pandanus Leaves, Fenugreek, Cinnamon
Spice Pack 2 – Turmeric, Unroasted Curry Powder, Coriander,
Mustard Spice Pack 3 – Chilli

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