Our Story

Hari Hari Srilanka Curry Spice

My spice tins which have a permanent spot on my kitchen counter.

The Beginning of Our Story

Our Story needs to begin with an explanation.  Hari Hari is a Sri Lankan expression which has a number of interpretations from “OK OK” to “It’s coming”.  It implies an impatience of having to wait – which I feel every time I cook a curry, making it the perfect name for my spices!!

Hari Hari Roots

Born in Germany to a Sri Lankan mum and British dad, we moved to Sri Lanka when I was a child. I spent a substantial part of my life there, falling in love with the captivating colours and aromas of spice. I spent a lot of time in kitchens, watching and learning how spices were used and learning about the traditions, history and influences that make Sri Lankan food unique.  It was here that I  developed a true love for the unique flavours of Sri Lankan curries.

Later on, I discovered the amazing health benefits of the spices used in Sri Lankan curries, which only helped to further my love for using spices in my cooking.  I don’t  just use them in my curries anymore but also in my chicken stuffing, added to baked beans, omelette, casseroles and more!

Living in the UK now, I stopped working as a Senior HR Manager after having my 3 children.  I found it near impossible to source authentic Sri Lankan spices to keep the curry flowing so my mum, who still lives in Sri Lanka became my personal supplier.  Whenever I cooked a curry, my friends and family invited themselves round to partake.  They had been going on at me for years to sell my curries; which led to the birth of the idea of Hari Hari. The start of our story…..our journey.

Hari hari Sri Lanka Dhal Spice Pack Gold Award

In 2016 we won Gold for our Hari Hari Sri Lanka Dhal Spice Pack!

The Sri Lankan curry symbolises fresh home cooked food and family & friends togetherness – a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

So, I hear you ask – why should I choose Hari Hari over all the other curry products on the market already?

Firstly, Hari Hari is blended from pure authentic Sri Lankan spices giving a unique and distinctive flavour and so….cannot be compared to other curries.

Hari Hari Sri Lanka Spice Kits

The 8 spice kits currently available in the Hari Hari range.

Secondly, Hari Hari spice packs are individually blended to suit specific dishes.  One size fits all doesn’t apply.  Fish and beef or lentils and beans are so different from each other, using one blend of spice pack for all would not do the primary ingredients justice and allow you to savour the true diversity of the Sri Lankan curry.

Finally, I work closely with my supplier to import high quality, free-from, dried spices with a long shelf-life.

My blog offers recipes and inspiration for cooking something new, that you can eat on its own or make as an accompaniment to a Hari Hari curry, so opening a door to a whole new world of flavour!

The spices used in curries are being studied more and more in recent times and have been shown to have a number of positive effects.  Turmeric is known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, coriander has been used to treat mouth ulcers and skin inflammation, cumin and turmeric are both being studied in cancer research, cinnamon is now being studied in Parkinsons research and the list goes on….

Everyone Can Cook A Curry with Hari Hari

The aim of my pre blended spices is to make cooking a curry yourself less intimidating – to make it easy so, more accessible to all.  And there is no need to buy a whole load of jars and packets – all the spices you need for your curry are in the Hari Hari pack.

Our Story Hari Hari Sri Lanka

My dad and I in Sri Lanka

An evolving ‘brand’ Hari Hari will continue to introduce new recipes over time.  You’d be amazed at what can be curried!!

For a truly authentic, home cooked Sri Lankan curry taste experience (like no other) Hari Hari is the one for you.

“The journey of a good curry starts with a little pinch of spice”