Kitchen Tips

Here you will find a varied selection of Kitchen tips to help you along the way when cooking a Hari Hari curry!

  • Cook the curry the day before you want to eat it and the flavours will take on a whole new dimension!!
  • For a less ‘chilli’ chilli, pierce the chilli with a knife rather than chop and add to the dish, so the membranes and seeds stay within.
  • Accidentally added too much salt? Add 1/2 a peeled potato and cook for approximately 5 minutes in the curry and hey presto – salt is reduced.
  • No one likes to bite down on a cardamom, so count them in and count them out, so making sure they are all removed before you serve up!
  • You can pre-marinade the meats with the Hari Hari spices allowing them to infuse more (instead of cooking the whole curry a day before).
  • With Hari Hari spices, you can add more or less water/coconut milk to the dish depending on your personal preference of the sauce thickness.
  • If the curry is too spicy, serve some natural yoghurt as a side or add into the dish but then wait till its cooled down.  (Can also use creme fraiche if adding to the dish)
  • Turmeric can stain so be careful not to get it on your clothes and use a spoon that is either a coconut spoon (which will be available from the Hari Hari site soon) or one you don’t mind if it gets stained.
  • Instead of trying to split the spice pack to cook 2 separate meals at different times.  I would recommend cooking the whole lot and then freezing what you want to save for a later date.  That way you will retain the true flavours of the Hari Hari spice packs. Great for any leftovers too.
  • If you are not using your spices straight away, keep them in a cool, dark place or you can keep them in the freezer.  This will help to preserve the flavours for longer.
  • To remove the skin from the ginger, use a spoon to scrape it off.  It’s much easier and has far less wastage.

If you have any Kitchen Tips that you would like to add for cooking a Hari Hari curry please let us know via our Get In Touch page or through our Social Media!!