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Hari Hari Halloumi Curry

Quick & Easy Halloumi Curry that will have you back for more.

Halloumi in a curry? Halloumi is a totally un-Sri Lankan food product!! Originating in Cyprus and made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep milk (and sometimes cow’s milk), Halloumi can be found everywhere in the UK.  In fact according to Waitrose Supermarket in 2016, “The UK tops the list of foreign countries where Cypriot […]

Hari Hari Curry Spiced Leeks

Curry Spiced Leeks

Winter Greens Curry Spiced Leeks… Leeks….. as a child growing up, I hated them.  I truly hated leeks.  I would hide them under my fork (which never really worked), I would quickly and quietly push them on to my sisters plate hoping she wouldn’t notice (which she did), I tried everything to avoid having to […]

Hari Hari Sri Lanka Pol Sambol

Pol Sambol

A traditional Sri Lankan coconut and chilli relish that is easy to make and will give your taste buds a tingle.

Spiced Sugar Snap Peas

A light and easy to make recipe, this is high in vitamins and an excellent source of fibre, adding nutrition, colour and taste to your meals.

Spinach Curry Pesto

Raw, Fresh & Crunchy Spinach Pesto. Spread it on a cracker or toast, topped on pizza, dip with veggies, stir into pasta or as an accompaniment with rice & curry, Sunday roast or any other meal..

Lunu Miris

Literally translating as ‘Onion Chilli’ this is a spicy Sri Lankan sambol that can accompany any curry dish. Only a few ingredients yet a major taste sensation which makes my mouth water every time I think about it.

Cucumber Raita

An excellent chilled side dish for any curry or a dip for poppadoms.