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Hari Hari Vegan Dhal Spice Soup

Hari Hari Dhal Spice Soup you really need to make!

Dhal (as it is called in Sri Lanka) or Lentils, are known to be packed with protein, to be low in fat, can lower bad cholesterol and are considered one of your 5 a day.  This all makes for a compelling argument to eat more of it in our diets. Dhal is a firm favourite […]

Gin Beef Curry

Gin Beef Curry the Easy Way

Gin Beef Curry was a ‘throw caution to the wind’ fusion cooking experiment!!  I was sent a bottle of Colombo Gin, which I do enjoy with a tonic and various garnishes.  I felt the urge however to experiment a little further and wanted to use this gin in my cooking which subsequently lead to this […]

Hari Hari Fusion Chicken Hotpot

Fusion Chicken Hotpot

Fusion and Collaboration Fusion Chicken Hotpot came about because of collaborative working.  Quite apt, considering ; )  You have probably heard me mention Goldhill Organics before.  Well, they sent me a wonderful home delivery box filled with stunningly beautiful vegetables and some locally produced Chicken which they have sourced from Blackmore Vale Butchery. I’ve never had chicken […]

Hari Hari SriLanka Spiced Chicken Bites

Spiced Chicken Bites

I love it when I am on a roll in the kitchen. Playing with ingredients and my trusty Sri Lankan spices.  Sometimes, kitchen experiments turn out a disaster, sometimes ok and other times, like this time……I end up with a full blown result!!  Success was definitely had with this little experiment which I have named […]

Hari Hari Baked Rice Cake

Baked Rice Cakes

Do you have those days when you open your fridge and look inside hoping to find some inspiration for something to cook? I do!  Some days I open my fridge and its filled with items that make it easy to know what to rustle up.  Other days, I see an ensemble of various left overs […]

Hari Hari Sri Lanka Potato Curry

Dry Potato Curry

A simple yet wholesome and nutritious dish that makes a great accompaniment to any curry feast.

Hari Hari Kiri Bath


A tasty alternative to your usual breakfast or snack time nibble, this literally translates as ‘Milk Rice’. It is a milk rice with a difference which tastes wonderful not just with the glorious sambols that usually accompany it but also with curry, as a change to the usual rice.

Hari Hari Sri Lanka Roti


Like a thick tortilla flatbread, this is a delicious accompaniment to any curry dish and a great alternative to rice.