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Nearly a year into having Hari Hari up and running, I have learnt about a raft of things I hadn’t considered prior to starting this venture.  Blogging being one of them!!  So please bear with me as I get to grips with this, my first proper Hello Blog!!

The growth that lead to Hari Hari

Had you told me 5, even 2 years ago that I would start my own ‘food’ business and write a blog about it- I would have laughed at you!!  When I left home to start University (having moved from Germany to SriLanka to UK) I could just about manage to boil an egg.  In time I learnt to cook meals that took no more than 20 minutes maximum.  They may not have been the wonderful dishes I had grown up on (I have a mother who is an amazing cook.  She can take the most basic ingredients and turn them into something magnificent!) but they did offer the required fulfilment of ones appetite!  One thing my mother did instil in me was the importance of the art of presentation, which meant that even when I made instant noodles, they did look good dressed up with a little side salad and decoration.  Throughout this time I had a trusty companion in my cupboard and that was my selection of Sri Lankan spices.  Initially hesitant about using them, as time progressed I experimented, and those noodles started to taste good.

Now a mother, the drive to cook and eat natural, healthy food has gone into a sort of overdrive. I didn’t want food that had added salt, sugar, preservatives, I wanted something that was fresh and wholesome.  I also wanted to cook food that we could all eat together.  I most certainly did not want to have to cook separate meals for the adults and the kids and this is where my spices came into their own.

I still find it amusing how my attitude has so dramatically changed about cooking!   Having become something of a foodie (I read about it, cook it, experiment with it and here, will write about it) you’ll find an array of dishes and ideas based on my own experiences in life.  They are recipes that have come about to complement my Hari Hari Sri Lankan Curry Spice packs.  Some are more traditional and some are more….fusion cooking.

Hari Hari Srilanka Curry Spice

I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me and maybe I can help you create magic in your own kitchen with a little bit of SriLankan spice.

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