• Sri Lanka Sri Lanka – How did it get its name? - Sri Lanka may be small but its history is certainly mighty!!  Spanning over three thousand years (according to Brian Roberts 2006,  there is evidence of pre-historic human settlements dating back at least 125,000 years ago), this little island saw its fair share of rulers, governors, invaders and regimes.  Each of these 'changes' is filled with Continue Reading
  • Hari Hari Sri Lankan Curry How To Serve a Sri Lankan Curry the Traditional Way. - It's all about the Plating My mother told me that you "eat with your eyes first and then with your mouth" and never a truer word was spoken than when applying this to a Sri Lankan curry!  What I didn't fully appreciate at the time that she told me this, was that it is all Continue Reading
  • Sri Lanka Bo Tree The Bo Tree – 6 important things you need to know! - The Bo Tree or rather its leaves, got a mention in a post I wrote not so long ago, about the Flag of Sri Lanka.  It refers to the leaves that can be found in each of the 4 corners of the flag.  Having lived for a substantial part of my life in Sri Lanka, the Bo Continue Reading
  • Sri Lanka Lion Flag The Lion, the Sword and the Bo Leaves - The Lion Flag of Sri Lanka The Lion, Bo leaves and vibrant colours are all elements that make the Sri Lankan flag so distinctive.  It is hard to forget once seen.  When I was a child at school in Sri Lanka, I remember having a history lesson on Sri Lanka's flag.  I would have been Continue Reading
  • 5 Things You’ll Experience in Sri Lanka. - Returning to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka - The joy of returning home is beyond measure. When the wheels of my Sri Lankan Airlines flight left the ground in the UK, the excitement of arriving in Colombo was bubbling up inside me.  Feasting on some of the best inflight rice and curry (thank you Sri Lankan Continue Reading
  • Sri Lanka Turmeric 5 Lesser Known Uses of Turmeric - Turmeric adds colour & flavor to food. It's been used as a dye, condiment & medicine for thousands of years. But there is more to turmeric than meets the eye and thats what this blog post is about.
  • Happy Birthday Hari Hari!! - My baby has turned 1! Having started with a recipe blog, this has now evolved to include an 'article' based blog, and so, feel that I cannot let the 1 year anniversary of Hari Hari pass, without a mention. This post is not about passing on a recipe but passing on the adventure that has Continue Reading
  • Hari Hari Sri Lanka Curry Hello Blog - As you will discover, I LOVE spices, especially Sri Lankan curry spices. Many seem to associate spices with heat - chilli heat - but this isn't so. Spices add a whole new dimension to food and the trick is not to be afraid to use them.