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Hari Hari Vegan Dhal Spice Soup

Hari Hari Dhal Spice Soup you really need to make!

Dhal (as it is called in Sri Lanka) or Lentils, are known to be packed with protein, to be low in fat, can lower bad cholesterol and are considered one of your 5 a day.  This all makes for a compelling argument to eat more of it in our diets. Dhal is a firm favourite […]

Gin Beef Curry

Gin Beef Curry the Easy Way

Gin Beef Curry was a ‘throw caution to the wind’ fusion cooking experiment!!  I was sent a bottle of Colombo Gin, which I do enjoy with a tonic and various garnishes.  I felt the urge however to experiment a little further and wanted to use this gin in my cooking which subsequently lead to this […]

Hari Hari Colombo Gin Cheesecake

Colombo Gin Cheesecake

Gin + Cake = Winning Combo I was very fortunate to have been given a bottle of Colombo Gin and though I am quite partial to a G&T (which I infuse with various spices and other garnishes) I decided that this bottle was going to see a little bit of kitchen action! At a recent […]

Sri Lanka Bo Tree

The Bo Tree – 6 important things you need to know!

The Bo Tree or rather its leaves, got a mention in a post I wrote not so long ago, about the Flag of Sri Lanka.  It refers to the leaves that can be found in each of the 4 corners of the flag.  Having lived for a substantial part of my life in Sri Lanka, the Bo […]

Hari Hari Easy bake Banana Loaf

Banana Loaf (Easy Bake and Delicately Spiced)

 Over ripe Bananas! Forever throwing them away because no one wants to touch them?  We have always got bananas in the Hari Hari household.  The kids love them and they make the perfect snacking food whilst helping the kids to feel fuller for longer.  However we don’t always eat them fast enough (mainly in the […]

Hari Hari Sri Lanka Fusion Salsa

Salsa – 5 Minute Fusion Recipe

This is not something I’ve really experimented with before. However on a recent shopping trip to Waitrose, I discovered that they had a huge reduction on a lot of their big bags of fresh herbs.  Coriander, parsley and dill to be precise. I purchased the lot!  I couldn’t help myself ; )  I freeze my […]

The Lion, the Sword and the Bo Leaves

The Lion Flag of Sri Lanka The Lion, Bo leaves and vibrant colours are all elements that make the Sri Lankan flag so distinctive.  It is hard to forget once seen.  When I was a child at school in Sri Lanka, I remember having a history lesson on Sri Lanka’s flag.  I would have been […]

Hari Hari Pots of Passion

Pots of Passion

If you are like me, every once in a while that sweet tooth goes into overdrive.  When this happens my fridge and cupboards are usually bare off produce to immediately quell that craving.  Yes, my cupboard may have the ingredients necessary for an Exotic Banana Loaf or the Spiced Chocolate Cashew Cheesecake but they take a […]

5 Things You’ll Experience in Sri Lanka.

Returning to Sri Lanka Sri Lanka – The joy of returning home is beyond measure. When the wheels of my Sri Lankan Airlines flight left the ground in the UK, the excitement of arriving in Colombo was bubbling up inside me.  Feasting on some of the best inflight rice and curry (thank you Sri Lankan […]

Hari Hari Fusion Chicken Hotpot

Fusion Chicken Hotpot

Fusion and Collaboration Fusion Chicken Hotpot came about because of collaborative working.  Quite apt, considering ; )  You have probably heard me mention Goldhill Organics before.  Well, they sent me a wonderful home delivery box filled with stunningly beautiful vegetables and some locally produced Chicken which they have sourced from Blackmore Vale Butchery. I’ve never had chicken […]